The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Tents

Whether out on a camping trip with your friends or family, the entire experience totally depends on the tents that you bring along. With a broad range of great tents available in the market, it can prove to be quite a daunting task finding the right one. Fortunately, you can click here to find out some basic tips that every camper needs to follow when selecting the best camping tents.


Although most tents compromise comfort for weight, it is very important for campers to find a balance between the two. Depending on the position or location of your camping grounds and your budget, families can choose to carry one huge tent that fits all, or smaller two person tents that are much more efficient when it comes to space saving. However, if luxury is your first priority, then you can go all out and buy mega camping tents that come equipped with multiple screen windows.

Storm Resistance

Although summer calls for a dry and sunny camping experience, you never know when the weather might take an unexpected turn for the worst. When you are huddled in your tent with torrential rains pouring outside, it pays to have the peace of mind that your tent can withstand even the most brutal storm. Always ensure you select a tent that is made of waterproof fabric as well as a very robust frame.


Camping generally involves a lot of hiking in order to find the best spot to set up shop. Walking around with a heavy tent can drain your energy as well as take up all the space in your backpack. It is recommended that campers choose tents that are light to allow for easy transportation to and from the camping site.

Simple Setup Process

Even for a veteran camper, the constant setting up and deconstruction of camping tents can become very tedious and time-consuming. This can actually prove to be an enormous disadvantage to campers who need to turn in for the night, only to waste precious hours figuring out which part goes where. When searching for a top-shelf camping tent, it is imperative to choose one that allows easy setup by one person. Most camping tents reviews show that campers prefer to be fully independent when erecting their own structures. Not only should the tents be easy to setup, but they should also be easy to take down and pack up. This will go very far towards guaranteeing one of the smoothest camping experiences ever.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Travel Mug You Didn’t Know

You recently heard your friends at the workplace talking about the beauty of owning a travel mug, and it was after that conversation that you were forced to think of giving this amazing storage item some serious consideration. Sadly, for an industry that has seen designers refining their products and making them better before availing them consumers, we all know singling out the best from the crowded market is not going to be easy. Well, here are tips to help you choose one of the best travel mugs.

Double-wall insulation and stainless mug

Go through any travel mugs review today; if you see a mug that comes with these two features; double wall insulation and stainless steel design, go for it. Although, you would have to dig dipper into your pocket, it will in a myriad of ways give you much better value for your money. Other than it coming with superior performance, expect your tea or coffee to be hot for one of the longest periods.

Durability and leak-proof seals

When it comes to any item, durability is of the essence and you might want to go for something that is durable and that can serve you for years. It is at this pointing time that stainless steel travel mugs come in; they are durable and can withstand hard knocks way much better than plastic. It doe not even stop there; a great travel mug should be easy to drink from without having to worry about spills. It is because of this that you need to make sure your mug offers a tight seal.

Are you picky when it comes to flavor?

Compared to plastic travel mugs, stainless-steel mugs are less likely to retain or impart tastes; however, you need to keep in mind that a good number of stainless-steel travel mugs come fully complete with a plastic lid.

Easy-to-clean design

Since a good number of these mugs are not dishwasher-safe, you might want to go for a travel mug that is easy to clean. After all, who would want to go through all the trouble when cleaning it? Look for those wide openings and easy to disassemble lids. Without those crannies and nooks, that would be the best choice for it is one of the easiest to clean. Plus, if the manufacturer does not recommend dishwasher use, do not attempt to defy that order. The heat could end up damaging your mug’s vacuum seal.

Choosing the Best Shaving Cream Based On Your Skin Type

Selecting a great shaving cream is not as easy as some of us might think. Many individuals spend massive time in the stores or in a supermarket trying to choose a shaving cream that will work for them. Since there are numerous products in the market, getting the best shaving creams have proven to be a challenging task. However, you can use this content as a guide to make an informed decision when choosing an ideal shaving cream.

Importance of a shaving cream

Shaving creams play various roles while it comes to having an ideal smooth shave. One of the most important role is for them to be a lubricant. This happens in the sense that, the hair and the skin become nourished and as a result, they become soft and ready for a shave. This enhances a smooth shave that does not cause razor burns. A great shaving cream also ensures that after you shave your unwanted hair, the skin is nourished and hydrated all through in order for it to be healthy.

How to get perfect shaving creams

Most shaving creams that are bought fail to work perfectly because the buyer does not consider their skin types while purchasing the products. In general, skin types are three. That is, the dry, oily and sensitive.

Dry skin

If your skin is the dry type, you should look for shaving creams which contain a glycerin base. This is because the glycerin assists the razor to give a smooth glide without any nicks and cuts being caused. The cream should also have some skin soother in it, as dry skin becomes sensitive during and after a shave. Coconut, vitamin E and aloe are some of the best skin soothers.

Sensitive skin

If your skin is the sensitive type, choosing a perfect cream needs a lot of care as your skin is prone to irritations if care is not taken. You shouldn’t confuse sensitive and dry skin as many people do and they end up thinking they can use the dry skin products, for a sensitive skin. Sensitive skin shaving creams should be free of allergens and they should contain some additives which protect your skin from irritation.

Oily skin

Oily skins require shaving creams which have mild astringents as this works best for them. It is normal for the skin to get clogged pores after a shave and this needs us to rinse the skin thoroughly to open the pores. For people with oily skin, the clogging worsens as the oil secreted by the skin continues to clog the pores. This is where a mild astringent comes in and reduces the amount of oil that your skin secretes without drying up the skin. With the amount of oil secretion reduced, the shaving activity becomes smoother and easier.

You can obtain a smooth skin that is well nourished and hydrated by selecting a shaving cream which is based on the type of your skin. If you consider the above information, you will get an ideal shaving cream that matches your requirements. You can use the trial and error method to get the best cream for a perfect shaving. Nonetheless, for your skin to be fully protected during a shave, get the right shaving cream for your skin.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

For those looking for a great hiking boot to protect them during long hikes the KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot provide excellent coverage for all hiking needs. This boot provides comfort and support for all hiking endeavors, as well as a resilience to most situations.These are the best boots for men’s feet, for women the best hiking boots may be Ahnu boots.

The lace up front gives the user a custom fit and feel to the shoe. This customizable trait means the shoe can stand up to most hiking trails.


This boot is breathable, meaning feet can remain comfortable during long periods of time and on long hiking adventures. It’s waterproof material means feet will not get wet during the hiking trip and they will also remain warm because of the KEEN. DRY waterproof membrane.


This membrane offers additional protection from moisture, cold, and other types of weather but assures that the feet are comfortable while hiking.


The boot also provides support for the ankle and does its best to prevent ankle injuries It also provides an EVA midsole and removable footbed for extra support. Along with the support provided, the Targhee II also provides durable traction.


In addition to the comfortable EVA midsole, the Targhee II also offers a torsional stability ESS shank in the midsole. This helps to stabilize the foot as it moves through out the terrain and it also helps to stave off fatigue and pain in the foot.


The Targhee II also offers toe protection. Knowing that terrain can be difficult, and that one may trip or hurt their feet in other hiking shoes. The Targhee II provides complete toe protection to provide as much safety as possible while trekking through terrain.


The Targhee II also provides greater directional lugs for a wider range of movement whilst also remaining protected from hurting oneself. These lugs grip the earth better than the lugs on other types of hiking boots.


This boot is perfect for amateur and experienced hikers because of all the support and protection that it offers the user. By ensuring that feet are protected, the Targhee II provides a better hiking experience for those looking to enhance their hikes and other experiences.


These shoes provide the perfect combination of play and protection. They ensure that one has all the protections needed for their feet and that they have freedom of movement whilst traversing a trail. Weather conditions were regarded and the Keen Targhee II protects feet from any problems they might face during hiking.



1. Exceptional protection of the feet.

2. Provides a vast amount of amenities.

3. Fantastic support for the foot.

4. Breathable material

5. Easily customized

6. Very comfortable.


1. Price is a bit high

2. A bit heavier than some might want.


Final Words:

The Targhee II is a great shoe for hiking and for moving easily on a hiking trail. These boots are fantastic for warmth and protection from rain, sleet, snow and whatever other problems a hiker may face.  The reviews for the KEEN Targhee II shows their great quality.

Back to school:How to choose and customize your backpack

It’s that time of year again, and back-to-school sales are in full swing. But before parents eagerly snap up every on-sale item, they might do well to consider this sobering fact: Almost everything they buy, from backpacks to lunchboxes to pencils, costs more because of tariffs.But the most important thing should be bought is the backpack,isn’t it?Here is a best laptop backpack review that must suit you fine.

Here is a youtube video.There are many good backpacks in the video.You must be able to find the backpack you love.

And you should also be careful to thieves.Anti-Theft Backpack Could Keep Your Valuables Safe

Pickpockets are of course more common in some countries than in the States, but that doesn’t mean that buying the Anti-Theft Backpack is only a good idea if you’re planning on backpacking it through Europe. It features a main zipper that is pressed up against your back, making it harder for someone to sneakily open it without you noticing. And there are quick-access pockets covered with noisy velcro which become an audible alarm when unauthorized access is being sought. Finally, there’s a Zip Pouch located on the shoulder strap for quick phone access.

So the backpack can be fine for your child and school life.Here is a best laptop backpack review that is in july 2013  you may like.

But if you want backpack that be special,you can make a backpack from an old pair of jeans.

This jeans-to-backpack refasihon by Bonita at I Wear A Bow is so smart! The top part of the jeans will become the top of the backpack, with a drawstring running through the waistband. She completes the bag with a flap and straps cut from the lower legs. She shares a tutorial showing exactly how to do it. This would also be cool made out of a pair of trousers. You can do it yourself.

In the end, I wish you bought a backpack or make a backpack that suits you fine.

Obsession and fortitude

Used to be one of the youngcynics, I can’t distinguish which obsession is or which fortitude is. I amalways sparing no effort on changing the unfairness and the unreason whenever Imeet them. That is a both normal and upward attitude toward life. I witness noharm in challenging them.

In the end of 2011, I boughtmyself a SIM card supplied by China Unicom and a smart phone. It was a typicalcase I had experienced. No one has ever told me it is a reused number which hasno signal in subway train. What is worse, China Unicom always steals money fromthe count of my number. They explained it was the fault of system. I guess theyare kidding me. As a huge firm, China Unicom doesn’t have the ability of clearcharging. I was shocked by hearing that from the hotline. Whenever I spot theerrors and report them to China Unicom. It is obvious that my reports will helpthem improve their service level. However, to my dismay, they respondindifferently to me. Every time they reply me in formal words, I have to teachthem how to deal with those matters with normal human beings’ logic. Withcontrast to China Mobile, China Unicom is bull shit. Eventually, they do some efforts to alter theterrible situation. I needn’t to call the assistant manager of China Unicom forcomplaint.

Some ask me why I spend so much energy on such thing. It isno necessary for me to do that. Some even doubt I am a sicker or mentalpenitent. Now that I have the ability of challenging those mess, why not do it?When the trouble troubles those who never care about that unfairness, they arefrustrated and overwhelmed. Their behaviors will have negative effects on theirchildren.

Mission impossible is a fake topic. I am told to do what Ionly can do all the time. But I am often running on the further way. I am anaggressive guy to some unchangeable assholes. They talk about me behind of me.I never take it seriously. Sometime I give them warm-hearted advice that theyare ruining themselves in winshare in the way of absence of working, playingiphone or ipad in working time and sleeping when they are sleepy. But they areglad of sinking. I wish they will be accepted by St’peter. I am here on thepurpose of training myself with my courage and fortitude. To be frank, I am notrubbish living or working depend on relationship. Perhaps I ought to rip theirfake face mask.

I am requested to shout up while I spot so many useless guyspretending to be hard-working samples.

Fuck the regulation!


A postcard from Saipan Island

I received the postcard Angela and Xiao mailed to mein Saipan Island in the morning. Before setting out, Xiao called me and askedme to supply my English address to him. He told me that he would mail me apostcard in Saipan Island while Angela and he were enjoying their honeymoonthere. As time passed by, I was waiting for the postcard. In addition, I hadn’treceived any postcard for more than ten years. I didn’t remember who sent me the lastpostcard. All in all, I was yearning for the postcard after his call.

I was certain that I would receive the postcard sooner orlater because Xiao never eats his words. I didn’t ask him anything about thepostcard after they returned from the Island.

When I got the postcard in the morning, I was delighted andexcited. I showed the card to my co-workers in the office. I yelled out that itwas the card mailed from Saipan Island. Blue sky above and the same color waterbelow and green island middle are in the cover of the card. Being a guy comingfrom seaside, I was astonished by the card.

Thanks a million!